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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door story

People have long loved the Mario RPG titles. Players have always been drawn to the series' mix of humor, art and fun gameplay. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is an important game in the series. I was one of the fans who missed it. But the new Switch remaster made it possible to play this old favorite. 

The game has held up surprisingly well over time. The game's unique charm and style make it stand out even after 20 years. My journey with the remix was full of old memories and new things I learned. This review examines why the game is still popular and how it changed the Mario RPG series.

Visual And Musical Enhancements

The remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door improves the graphics and music a lot. The cute art style of the original is now even more vivid. Every scene comes to life with better lighting effects. The Switch version looks great bringing the standard up to date without changing what makes it great. 

The music has been improved which makes the game feel better. A faster partner switch is one small change that makes the experience smoother. These changes eliminate many of the original small problems. The game feels both old and new at the same time which shows how much Nintendo cares about keeping and improving its old games.

Combat System

One of the best things about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is still the way you fight. The live fighting system is fun and exciting. Battles become more difficult when you press buttons at the right time. It feels good to get good at these inputs and see what happens. Even though they take time, special powers make battle plans more interesting. 

Partners are critical and each one has their weapons and skills. However some strikes can be used faster which changes how players choose to play. Overall the fighting system does an excellent job of balancing ease of use with complexity. It keeps fights interesting throughout the game. This method is integral to what makes the game fun and unique.

RPG vs Adventure Game Mechanics

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is between an RPG and an adventure game. This mix of styles makes it different from other Mario RPGs. The game has typical RPG features such as growing up and fighting in turns. However it also has elements of adventure games. Figuring out puzzles and exploring are significant parts of the experience. 

This mix of styles makes the game unique and shows how the series has changed. Later books like The Origami King are more about action. Fans aren't all happy about this change. Thousand Year Door shows how well the show used to mix these types of stories.

World And Character Design

The world and characters in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door are some of the cutest parts of the game. Players are taken to many different and lively places in the game. Each area has its style and unique details. The characters from the strange friends to the strange NPCs are distinctive. 

With these new faces the game is more interesting and fun. The way the worlds and people are created makes the player feel more immersed. It is fun to discover new places and meet the people there. This kind of creativity is what makes the story stand out. This makes the game stand out among Mario RPGs.

Gameplay Challenges

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has a lot of good points but it also has some tricky parts. One of the biggest problems is that the game relies too much on going backward. Many quests require returning to places you've already been to which can get boring if you have few quick trip choices. 

This repeated traveling slows down the game often and can annoy players who want a smoother experience. When you return you usually have to do the fights repeatedly which can get boring. These repeated meetings distract from the fun of moving forward in the game and discovering new places.

Another problem is the parts where players need power over Mario. The amount of interest in these parts with figures like Peach and Bowser varies. While Peach parts have fun tasks and exciting conversations Bowser parts often need to be revised and were just added on. 

His visits between chapters add little to the story as a whole and they could be left out without breaking the game flow. These parts of the game can get in the way of the leading adventure and pull players into side stories that could be more interesting.

The special powers in the game are also a point of debate even though they can be helpful in battle. They take a lot of time to make fights seem long. These skills make the battle strategy more interesting but the time they take to learn can be a turnoff. 

This is made worse because you have to press buttons at certain times throughout the whole game. At first this feature makes fights more fun by adding a skill level but it can get annoying because it never goes away. To follow these orders players must always be alert which can make them tired after longer game sessions.

In addition, partner strikes can slow down the game even though they are fun and different. Each partner has skills but some moves can be done faster. This often changes how players choose their partners, making them choose partners whose moves can be done faster even if those partners aren't the strongest ones. 

This can make fights less strategically diverse because players may value speed over tactical advantage. Despite these problems Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door still has a great core experience. The game's exciting story, charming characters and lively world make up for its flaws such as repetition, boring fighting and parts that aren't about Mario. 

There are ways to improve these things but they don't take away from the general fun. Many great things about this Mario RPG like its funny moments, unique gameplay and beautiful art style keep coming out. If these problems with the gameplay are fixed in later games in the series it could reach even higher levels.


The Mario RPG Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is one of the best in the series. It stands out because of its funny unique art style and fun gameplay. The Switch remake improves these parts making the game more straightforward for new players. It can sometimes be hard to play but its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. 

The world and characters in the game are fun and different from the Mario universe. Its fighting method is still entertaining and exciting. This remake makes a classic playable for both old and new fans. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door continues to be a joy to play. True Journey Enthusiast

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