Explore Day Theatre Trips to London by Coach

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Day theatre trips to london by coach

Explore Day Theatre Trips to London by Coach
There's an undeniable charm in witnessing a theatre show in London, especially in the celebrated West End. Whether you're a seasoned theatre enthusiast or a first-time visitor, embarking on a day trip to London by coach is both delightful and convenient. From the ease of coach travel, offering scenic views and a relaxed journey, to the electrifying atmosphere of live performances, there's so much to anticipate. Join us as we explore the steps to planning an ideal day theatre trip to London by coach.

Planning Your Day Theatre Trip to London
Before anything else, ensure all your preparations are in order. Planning a theatre trip might seem overwhelming, but with these comprehensive tips, you’ll find it remarkably manageable.

Choosing the Right Coach Service

Not every coach service offers the same quality. It’s important to pick one that ensures reliability, comfort, and affordability. Companies like National Express and Megabus are well-known for their wide range of routes and flexible schedules, making them popular options for travelers.

Booking Your Theatre Tickets

After finalizing your travel arrangements, proceed to book your theatre tickets. It is advisable to secure tickets well in advance, particularly for popular performances. Websites such as the official London Theatre Direct offer valuable assistance.

Why Choose a Coach for Your Theatre Trip?

Opting for a coach trip comes with several perks.

Convenience and Comfort

Coaches are designed for comfort, featuring spacious seating and ample legroom. You also avoid the stress of public transport or driving in London.


Traveling by coach is often more affordable than other transport modes. Great deals are available, especially with early booking or off-peak travel.

Environmental Benefits

Coaches are a greener option, producing fewer emissions per passenger compared to cars, making your trip eco-friendly.

Popular Theatre Shows in London

London's theatre scene is always buzzing with excitement. Here's a look at some of the must-see shows.

West End Classics

Some shows possess a timeless charm that continues to captivate audiences year after year, maintaining their appeal across generations.

  • The Lion King: A spectacular musical adaptation of Disney’s beloved film, featuring breathtaking visuals and unforgettable music that will leave you spellbound.
  • Les Misérables: An epic tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption that never fails to move its audience with powerful storytelling and deep emotions.
  • Phantom of the Opera: Andrew Lloyd Webber's haunting love story has captivated audiences and remained a West End staple for decades.

Upcoming Shows

Keep an eye out for new and exciting productions that are sure to captivate audiences and provide unforgettable entertainment experiences. Don't miss out on these upcoming shows that promise to leave a lasting impression.
  • Hello Dolly : "Hello, Dolly!" is a classic musical film about a matchmaker's adventures in love, set against the vibrant backdrop of 1890s New York.
  • Kiss Me, Kate : "Kiss Me, Kate" is a funny musical about an ex-married couple putting on a play of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew."

Family-Friendly Shows

Bringing the kids along? No problem! London has a wide variety of shows that are suitable for all age groups.
  • Matilda the Musical: Based on Roald Dahl's timeless classic, this musical delivers an emotional journey with moments of laughter and heartwarming connections.
  • Aladdin: Prepare yourself for a magical adventure, where dazzling costumes and catchy songs will leave you spellbound.
  • The School of Rock: A high-energy rock 'n' roll musical that promises fun and entertainment for the whole family, from kids to adults.

Top Coach Companies for Theatre Trips

When it comes to traveling by coach, you have several options, including different routes, service levels, and amenities to choose from.
  • National Express: National Express is a top choice, well-known for its extensive network that covers numerous destinations and its consistently reliable service. (Web : https://bit.ly/3Vfbp1S)
  • Megabus: Megabus is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers, offering competitive prices and maintaining a high standard of comfort.(Web : https://bit.ly/3ywzI2e)
  • Green Line Coaches: Provides comfortable travel with specially designed routes that cater to popular tourist destinations throughout London. (Web: https://bit.ly/3KjE6UY)
  • Oxford Tube: Ideal for day trips, this service provides frequent and reliable transportation between Oxford and London. (Web : https://bit.ly/44WcKhf)
  • Travel de Courcey: Known for its excellent customer service, it also offers specialized theatre trip packages tailored to theatre enthusiasts. (Web: https://bit.ly/44XLjUm)

What to Expect on Your Coach Trip

Embarking on a coach trip to London for a theatre show can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect throughout your journey, from departure to arrival.

Onboard Amenities

Contemporary coaches are outfitted with an array of amenities crafted to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible:
  • Wi-Fi: Stay connected with our high-speed onboard Wi-Fi, allowing you to seamlessly browse the internet, check and respond to emails, or stream your favorite movies and shows without interruption.
  • Power Outlets: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity on your trip with many coaches offering power outlets and USB ports to keep your devices fully charged.
  • Restrooms: Onboard restrooms provide convenient access to facilities, ensuring you don't need to make frequent stops during your journey.
  • Comfortable Seating: Coaches typically feature reclining seats with ample legroom, providing a comfortable and relaxing journey.
  • Air Conditioning: Climate-controlled interiors adjust to keep the temperature perfect, ensuring your comfort regardless of the weather outside.

Scenic Routes

One of the advantages of traveling by coach is the opportunity to enjoy scenic routes and take in beautiful landscapes.
  • Countryside Views: Depending on the point of departure, one may traverse charming rural landscapes, thereby ensuring a serene commencement to the day.
  • Cityscapes: As you get closer to London, you'll notice the cool switch from countryside to city, showing off England's awesome scenery.

Duration of the Trip

The length of your coach trip will depend on your starting point. Generally, trips from nearby cities take less time, while those from farther away will be longer. Here are some guidelines to help you estimate.
  • From Nearby Cities: If you're traveling from cities like Oxford, Cambridge, or Brighton, you can typically expect the trip to take between 1 to 2 hours.
  • From Further Afield: If you're traveling from more distant cities like Manchester or Birmingham, you can typically expect the trip to take around 3 to 4 hours.
Plan your schedule with additional buffer time to ensure you arrive in London well before your theatre show begins.

Smooth Journey Tips

To make your coach trip more enjoyable, consider these tips: bring snacks, dress comfortably, and pack entertainment.
  • Pack Essentials: For added comfort during your journey, consider bringing a small travel pillow to support your neck and a blanket to keep you warm.
  • Stay Entertained: For optimal entertainment during your journey, download movies, music, or books. Additionally, noise-canceling headphones can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Snacks and Drinks: While many coaches provide refreshment options, bringing your own snacks and a water bottle ensures that you have your preferred choices readily available.
  • Dress Comfortably: Adorn yourself in layers that can be effortlessly added or removed, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey.

Making the Most of Your Day in London

Once you arrive, there are numerous activities to enjoy both before and after the show, ensuring you have a memorable and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Pre-Show Activities

Maximize your time in London by enjoying these entertaining activities, making your visit both exciting and memorable.
  • Visiting Covent Garden: A vibrant area bustling with street performers, unique shops, and charming cafes, offering a lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
  • Exploring Leicester Square: The heart of London's entertainment district is ideal for a leisurely stroll, offering a perfect blend of culture and excitement.
  • Shopping in Soho: Soho offers something for everyone, from trendy boutiques to quirky shops, making it a must-visit destination.

Dining Near Theatres

A culinary enthusiast's dream, London brims with an eclectic mix of eateries, catering to every taste imaginable.

Prime Pre-Theatre Dining: Savor a delightful meal before the curtain rises at these premier establishments.

  • The Ivy: A quintessential London establishment, renowned for its refined ambiance and diverse menu, making it ideal for an elegant pre-theatre dining experience. Location:
  • J Sheekey: Celebrated for its exquisite seafood, this restaurant boasts a cozy ambiance and is conveniently situated just a stone's throw from numerous theatres. Location: 
  • Dishoom: Featuring a lively and eclectic ambiance, this spot draws inspiration from the Irani cafés of Bombay, making it perfect for a quick yet flavorful meal. Location:
  • Balthazar: A vibrant Parisian haven in London, where delicious French dishes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere create an unforgettable experience. Location:
  • Cicchetti: A chic Italian restaurant that features a menu of delightful small plates and a wide variety of wines, perfect for sharing with friends or a loved one before heading to enjoy a show. Location:
  • Brasserie Zédel: An Art Deco brasserie that serves classic French dishes, known for its lively and vibrant atmosphere, and conveniently located near numerous theatres, making it a perfect pre-show dining spot. Location:  
  • Clos Maggiore: Often called London's most romantic restaurant, known for its exquisite French-inspired menu and enchanting décor. Location:
  • Hawksmoor Seven Dials: A renowned steakhouse, famous for its perfectly cooked, succulent steaks and sophisticated ambiance, providing an exceptional dining experience for meat lovers. Location:

Quick Bites and Cafes

If you're running short on time, consider stopping by a nearby cafe to quickly grab a bite. This allows you to save time while still satisfying your hunger efficiently.

Budget-Friendly Options

Savor a fantastic meal without emptying your wallet, thanks to the wide array of affordable dining choices.

Sightseeing Tips

Make the most of your time by following these top sightseeing tips for a memorable and efficient travel experience.

Must-See Landmarks

Be sure to visit iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben for an unforgettable experience.
  • The British Museum: One of the leading museums globally, featuring a comprehensive collection of art and artifacts from various ancient civilizations. Location:
  • The Tower of London: Explore a majestic castle with a royal past, known for its fascinating history, precious crown jewels, and the iconic Beefeaters. Location:
  • Buckingham Palace: The official home of the British monarch, known for the Changing of the Guard and its lovely gardens. Location:
  • The Houses of Parliament: A magnificent representation of Gothic architecture, this building houses the UK's Parliament and the renowned Big Ben clock tower. Location:
  • The London Eye: Discover the excitement of the giant Ferris wheel on the Thames' South Bank, where breathtaking city skyline views await. Location:
  • The Tate Modern: This contemporary art museum, housed in a beautifully repurposed former power station, features an extensive collection of works by renowned modern artists. Location:
  • St. Paul's Cathedral: This iconic cathedral, with its breathtaking dome, is celebrated for its magnificent architecture, rich historical significance, and the unique acoustic phenomenon of the Whispering Gallery. Location:
  • The Natural History Museum: A fascinating museum with exhibits on the natural world, featuring dinosaur skeletons and the impressive Hintze Hall. Location:
  • The Shard: Visit The View from The Shard, atop the UK's tallest building, for stunning panoramic views of London. Location:
  • Covent Garden: A bustling area renowned for its market, street performers, shops, and restaurants, providing a lively atmosphere for exploration. Location:

Guided Tours

Consider participating in a guided tour to gain a comprehensive understanding of the city's rich history.

Hidden Gems

Discover hidden gems and lesser-known attractions to create a unique and memorable travel experience.

Tips for a Smooth Theatre Trip

Taking a theatre trip to London is an exciting adventure. However, a bit of preparation can significantly enhance your experience. From booking tickets in advance to exploring nearby attractions, here are some comprehensive tips to ensure you make the most of your time.

Packing Essentials

  • Comfortable Clothing and Footwear: London requires a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are essential. Dress in layers to accommodate the city's varying weather conditions.
  • Tickets and Itinerary: Always double-check that you have your theatre tickets, coach tickets, and any other necessary documents. Keeping a printed itinerary can help you stay organized.
  • Portable Charger: To maintain the charge on your devices throughout the day, it is advisable to carry a portable charger.
  • Snacks and Water: Don't let your devices run out of battery! Bring a portable charger to ensure they stay charged all day.
  • Umbrella or Raincoat: London weather can be unpredictable. Having an umbrella or a lightweight raincoat can keep you dry during sudden showers.

Time Management

Time Management
  • Arrive Early: Ensure you have a calm and collected start by arriving at the coach station 15 minutes before departure to avoid the stress of a last-minute rush.
  • Plan Your Day: It is recommended to allocate sufficient time for travel, meals, and sightseeing while allowing for additional buffer time to accommodate any unforeseen delays.
  • Be Punctual for the Show: Ensure your presence at the theatre at least half an hour prior to the commencement of the performance. This interlude allows you ample opportunity to locate your designated seat and acclimate yourself in a state of ease.
  • Post-Show Plans: If you plan to explore the city after the show, consider the closing times of attractions and the schedule of your return coach.

Staying Safe in the City

  • Stay Aware of Your Surroundings: Be mindful of your belongings, especially in crowded areas like tourist attractions and public transport.
  • Use Trusted Transport: When traveling around London, use reputable taxi services or public transport. Avoid unlicensed taxis.
  • Emergency Contacts: Have a list of emergency contacts, including the local embassy (if you're visiting from abroad) and the coach company's helpline.
  • Health Precautions: Carry any necessary medications and be aware of the nearest pharmacy and hospital locations. If you have any health concerns, it's best to be prepared.

Navigating London

  • Use Maps and Apps: Make use of map apps like Google Maps or Citymapper to navigate the city efficiently.
  • Understand Public Transport: Get familiar with the London Underground (Tube) and bus systems. Purchasing an Oyster card or using contactless payment can make traveling on public transport easier and more economical.
  • Walking Routes: Sometimes, walking is the best way to see the city. Plan scenic walking routes to enjoy landmarks and discover hidden gems.

Maximizing Your Theatre Experience

  • Read Reviews and Guides: Before committing to a show, thoroughly read reviews and guides. This research will help you find a performance that aligns perfectly with your tastes and ensures an enjoyable experience.
  • Dress Code: For most West End shows, there isn't a strict dress code, but smart casual is usually a safe choice. However, some theatres may have specific attire guidelines, so it's best to check in advance if you’re uncertain.
  • Understand the Venue: Acquaint yourself with the theatre's layout, particularly the locations of restrooms, snack bars, and emergency exits. This preparation will facilitate a more efficient and less stressful visit.
  • Intermission Tips: Use the intermission wisely—whether it's stretching your legs, visiting the restroom, or grabbing a quick refreshment, planning ahead can make the break more enjoyable.

Making Reservations

  • Advance Booking: Securing coach and theatre tickets in advance can result in significant savings and guarantee your place, as high-demand shows and routes often sell out swiftly.
  • Flexible Options: Look for tickets that offer flexibility in case you need to change your plans. Some services allow for rescheduling or offer refunds under certain conditions.


Taking a day trip to London by coach to see a theatre show is an experience you won't forget. From the convenience of coach travel to the excitement of the West End, it promises a day full of adventure and entertainment. Start planning your trip today and make some wonderful memories!


What is the best time to book a theatre trip?
To ensure you get the best seats and the best prices, it's best to book your theatre trip a few months in advance.

Are coach trips to London suitable for families?
Absolutely! Coaches offer a comfortable and convenient way for families to travel together, ensuring a pleasant journey for everyone.

How far in advance should I book my theatre tickets?
Booking your theatre tickets at least two to three months in advance is recommended, especially for popular shows.

Can I bring snacks on the coach?
Indeed, the majority of coach companies permit passengers to bring their own snacks and drinks onboard.

What should I wear to a West End show?
While there's no strict dress code, smart casual attire is generally a good choice for a West End show.
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