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Boo at the zoo St Louis

Seeking an exhilarating and family-oriented approach to celebrate Halloween? Cast your gaze towards Boo at the Zoo in St. Louis! This captivating occasion intertwines the enchantment of Halloween with the fascination of the animal realm, offering a distinctive adventure for guests of all generations. Let's delve into the essence that renders Boo at the Zoo an adored custom and what to anticipate upon your visit.

History of Boo at the Zoo

For more than ten years, Boo at the Zoo has remained a beloved Halloween custom in St. Louis. Conceived with the aim of uniting eerie amusement with wildlife enlightenment, this gathering has evolved into a standout attraction during the Halloween period for families throughout the area.

What to Expect at Boo at the Zoo

Upon entering Boo at the Zoo, brace yourself for a spectacularly spooky experience! This event presents a plethora of activities and attractions tailored to individuals of all ages. From exhilarating costume competitions to enthralling animal showcases, there's an array of offerings to delight every attendee.

Costume Contests and Activities

A standout feature of Boo at the Zoo is its captivating costume competitions. Embrace the opportunity to don attire inspired by your beloved character and partake in the merriment! As the evening unfolds, engage in a variety of activities including face embellishment, pumpkin sculpting, and live performances to enrich your experience.

Trick-or-Treat Stations

Youngsters (and even grown-ups!) can gather treats at designated stations dispersed across the zoo premises. This provides a secure and pleasurable avenue for trick-or-treating amid the captivating animal habitats.

Animal Exhibits

While attending, ensure you seize the opportunity to explore the zoo's remarkable animal displays. Numerous animals are active and visible during the occasion, contributing an additional layer of thrill to your visit.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Boo at the Zoo is tailored with families at its core. The ambiance is celebratory and not overly eerie, creating an ideal setting for younger children. It offers a secure and pleasant environment for everyone to commemorate Halloween collectively.

Safety Measures at Boo at the Zoo

Safety is a top priority throughout Boo at the Zoo. Organizers have implemented designated pathways, well-illuminated spaces, and ample staff to aid visitors. Moreover, all distributed candy at the event is pre-packaged, guaranteeing quality and safety standards.

Ticketing and Event Details

Tickets for Boo at the Zoo are available for purchase online in advance. It's recommended to secure your tickets early, as this sought-after event frequently reaches capacity. The event usually takes place on specific evenings in October, so it's advisable to review the schedule beforehand.

Food and Refreshments

Rest assured, hunger won't be an issue during Boo at the Zoo! Numerous food stalls are available, offering a delectable assortment of snacks and beverages throughout the evening.

Tips for a Great Experience

To optimize your visit, consider these helpful suggestions:

  • Arrive early to avoid large crowds and ensure a more enjoyable experience.
  • Opt for comfortable footwear suitable for strolling around the zoo.
  • Strategize your itinerary to partake in all desired activities and attractions during your visit.

Parking and Transportation

Onsite parking is provided; however, it tends to become congested during peak hours. If feasible, consider carpooling or utilizing public transportation to alleviate parking challenges.

Special Events and Attractions

Annually, Boo at the Zoo unveils fresh special events and attractions. Stay tuned to the schedule for exclusive experiences during your attendance.

JanuaryJob FairCareer fair with job opportunities
FebruaryUntamed HeartsValentine's event at the zoo
Job FairCareer fair with job opportunities
Trivia Gone WildWild-themed trivia event
MarchAnimals AglowEvening activity at the zoo
Breakfast with BunnyBreakfast event with bunnies
Garage SaleSale of pre-owned items
AprilAnimals AglowEvening activity at the zoo
Party for the PlanetEnvironmental celebration at the zoo
MayAnimals AglowEvening activity at the zoo
Mother's Day BrunchSpecial brunch for Mother's Day
Endangered Species DayAwareness day for endangered species
Make Tracks through the ZooGuided tour around the zoo
HullabaZooFamily-friendly event at the zoo
Happy Hour Tours: Sips with Spider MonkeysEvening tour with spider monkey encounter
JuneWorld Ocean DayCelebration of World Ocean Day
HullabaZooFamily-friendly event at the zoo
ZOOFARIFundraising gala at the zoo
Happy Hour Tours: Libations with LionsEvening tour with lion encounter
JulyHullabaZooFamily-friendly event at the zoo
Hyena Happy HourEvening tour with hyena encounter
AugustJammin' at the ZooMusic concert at the zoo
HullabaZooFamily-friendly event at the zoo
SeptemberZootoberfestGerman-themed beer and food festival
Happy Hour Tours: Gin with GiraffesEvening tour with giraffe encounter
OctoberZootoberfestGerman-themed beer and food festival
Boo at the ZooHalloween event at the zoo
NovemberHoliday ZootiqueHoliday-themed bazaar at the zoo
Wild LightsLight display and decorations event
Zoodunnit? A Mystery DinnerMystery dinner event at the zoo
DecemberWild LightsLight display and decorations event
Breakfast with SantaBreakfast event with Santa Claus
Dinner with SantaDinner event with Santa Claus

Community Impact and Outreach

Boo at the Zoo isn't solely about amusement—it also contributes to the local community. Proceeds from the event frequently benefit wildlife conservation and education initiatives.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in participating? Boo at the Zoo extends volunteer opportunities for those eager to contribute to this thrilling event.

Educational Aspects

Alongside the Halloween festivities, Boo at the Zoo strives to educate visitors about wildlife and conservation endeavors. It presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire knowledge while enjoying yourself.

Future of Boo at the Zoo

As Boo at the Zoo evolves, organizers continually explore innovative methods to elevate the experience and create lasting memories for attendees.


Boo at the Zoo in St. Louis is an essential destination for families seeking Halloween festivities. Featuring a distinctive fusion of eerie amusement and captivating animal encounters, it ensures a memorable experience for all participants.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can adults dress up for Boo at the Zoo ?

Certainly! Adults are encouraged to join in the costume festivities and immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit at Boo at the Zoo.

Is Boo at the Zoo suitable for young children ?

Indeed! Boo at the Zoo is meticulously crafted to be family-friendly, ensuring a delightful and safe experience for all attendees.

Do I need to purchase zoo admission tickets separately ?

Yes, tickets for Boo at the Zoo are distinct from regular zoo admission.

Are there age restrictions for attending Boo at the Zoo ?

Indeed, individuals of all ages are welcome to partake in the festivities at Boo at the Zoo.

Can I bring my own snacks and drinks ?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted; however, there are ample onsite options available for your convenience during Boo at the Zoo.

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